How it works

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Club member with available voting power and active posts are identified.
Members with most similar voting power are matched to you.
Matched users vote on each others posts with vote-percentages adjusted to ensure equally valued votes.

An Example

Joy has 5‘000 SP. She is sick today and has not
voted. Her voting power recovered to 95% today.
She has set her limit to 85%.

Tim has 50‘000 SP. He has a busy day and voted just on
a few outstanding steemit posts. He has 88% voting
power left today. His limit is set to 75%.

Bob has 10‘000 SP. He is at 75% Voting Power as he has
found today a lot of good posts and voted on them manually.
He has set his limit to 80%.

The bot is checking for voting power left. Joy and Tim are monitored – Bob is excluded for today. The bot votes on a post of Tim with the posting key of Joy with a 100% upvote. At the same time the bot votes on a post of Joy with the posting key of Tim with a 10% upvote. So both exchanged a vote with the same amount of Voting power.

If Tim has 10 post done this day and Joy only one - the bot would vote on different posts of Tim with the posting key of Joy until Joy‘s voting power limit is reached. Let‘s say after 5 votes. In exchange she gets on her one post an upvote of 50% from Tim.

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